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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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Interpersonal Psychotherapy

What is possible in treating Depression with a talking therapy.


Depression is a treatable illness, and your chances of getting better are particularly good. Depression is a common disorder. It affects 3-4% of adults at any one time. Depression may feel like a hopeless condition.
Even though you are suffering now, depression does respond to treatment.
The outlook for your recovery with treatment is excellent. There are many
effective treatments available – many different medications and different psychotherapies – so you do not need to feel pessimistic even if the first one does not work. Most people with depression recover quickly with treatments, and some recover without treatment, although this may take longer. The prognosis is good, even though some people may need continuing treatment for extended periods in order to prevent recurrence. Once you have received treatment you should return to normal functioning when the symptoms


Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT Nice recommended treatment for Moderate to Severe Depression)

What happens during therapy?

During the initial phase, your therapist will evaluate with you the information you provide s/he will then put together a formulation. This will be shared with you and if you agree a contract for therapy and the focus for therapy will be determined and the initial phase of treatment can begin.

The therapy and therapist will.

  •   Focus on your life as it is now.
  •   Focus on your relationships with important people in your life.

We will discuss these relationships and your feelings. If you feel that the
direction of the sessions is not useful or that I am doing something that’s
bothering you please let me know, I won’t be offended. Your feelings are important.

  • The therapy will require a commitment from you for about 12-16 weeks on a weekly basis.
  • As a therapist I am interested in your feelings about situations that are important to you, that are in some way connected to your depression. I will be interested in how you are between sessions and how your feelings are affected by events during the week.

There are three stages to the therapy initial, middle and end phase.

We will have the opportunity to work together for 12 – 16 sessions after which we will agree a follow up appointment in 12 weeks. 

The sessions are strictly confidential unless you are a risk to yourself and or others are at risk in some way.