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Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling What's it all about? The following points aim to outline for you the kind of exploration that takes place within couple therapy. Exploring your unique Family Systems and how they influence you within your own adult relationships. Couple therapy is very effective in helping couples to begin communicating, sometimes there is an increase initially perhaps of the disharmony as you battle your way through the difficulties.  Exploring how these difficulties started and what keeps them going, is vital for change to take place. I would be very happy to meet with you for a Free Initial Consultation to assess the level of the problem and whether there is the potential from you as a couple for change to take place. Change is possible despite the fact that it often feels impossible.

1 Acknowledging there is a relational problem by both partners. Exploring the difficulties in coming to terms with the facts.

2.Identifying the nature of the problem and exploring family of origin and cultural background.

3.Identifying the wider system  for the couple; including work and social pressures.

4.Identifying Behavioural Patterns helpful and unhelpful

5. Identifying Verbal Communication Styles helpful and unhelpful.

6. Exploring Assumptions and Beliefs that may lead to repeated unhelpful patterns.

7. Explore and find new ways of  communicating and behaving, as well as finding a new perspective and context for conscious and unconscious factors and conflicts.

Couple counselling for me is about acknowledging the health of the relationship and who is contributing what, when and how. Exploring the problems and deciding together whether there is the possibility of change.  To come to a meaningful agreement to the nature of the dispute and at what stage is the dispute, and is change possible for you as a couple.

How do you know if you need Couple counselling ask yourself these simple questions.

Do you experience feelings of resentment, have discussions stopped?

Do you use the silent treatment? This could be an indication you have reached an Impasse.

Are you and the other person aware of the differences between you?
Are you trying to change things?
Do you often argue?

This could indicate that you are both openly aware of differences and are actively trying, even if unsuccessfully, to bring about a change.

Are the differences between you so great that you're considering ending the relationship? 
This could indicate Dissolution - that the relationship is irretrievably disrupted.

If you find yourselves answering yes to all or most of the questions then it may be helpful to try Couple Counselling.

Initial Consultations are free.

 Free Initial Consultations covering Exmouth Exeter East Devon area