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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process by which inviduals or couples can explore with a professionally qualified accredited individual the issues/probelms that are causing them distress. Counselling, Psychotherapy is strictly confidential and uses a  non judgemental approach. As a therapist, I will actively listen and help you to explore the nature of your problem, which is causing you distress. I will  help you to gain a new understanding of the issues in order to assist you in making a change and reaching your goals for therapy.

Counselling requires a personal investment. This means that you are willing and able to committ to your therapy, and actively involve yourself  in a full exploration and reflection of the problem, this encourages and supports new  understanding of the issues within the problem so that you have a clear understanding of what you feel is important to bring about  a change.

I offer a Free Initial Consultation which is usually 30-40 mins. This gives us the opportunity to meet one another and to begin establishing a psychotherapeutic relationship. In some cases this may not be possible and its very helpful to be honest right from the start. It's very important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and that you feel it's possible for a psychotherapeutic relationship to develop. This is because, its the psychotherapeutic relationship by which you will explore the problems your experiencing. So feeling you can trust your therapist is vital.

The sessions are generally a 50 minute hour. In terms of frequency of the sessions, ideally weekly is best however you can come fortnightly. In my professional opinion and experience any longer between sessions the therapy approach is compromised and becomes more emotional support which is less  effective. After your therapy is completed usually between 8-20 sessions depending on the nature of the problem. Reviews and follow ups are usual. Monthly or quarterly reviews can be a way of reviewing your progress, with the changes you have made and provide an opportunity to review any problems after therapy is completed.

I use specific Clinical Measures which help to identify your symptoms and the level of distress and the problems caused by your symptoms to your daily life, work and relationships. These measures are widely used in the NHS  in Primary Mental Health Care. 

Sessions are paid for at the begiining of each session. Payments can also be made by BACS,and all major cards.